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Statue of Schulenburg (in front of the old fortress in Corfu Town)
10 am
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Original Corfu Photography Tours

Do you planning travelling at Corfu? Are you an amateur, a professional photographer or just an image lover? Grab your camera or your mobile phone and have a private photo tour with our experienced professional local photographer / filmmaker as a tutor and guide on some of the most stunning places of Corfu.

Adults €75/pp
Children €37.5/pp
Infants (0-5 years) Free


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Detailed Description

Regardless of camera, skill level or style of shooting, our tours provide practical photo tips and custom-tailored advices that will be of use towards better photos. If you would like to be treated as a friend being shown around to the very best and hidden treasures of Corfu that we have discovered, we think that you will enjoy the 4 or 5 hour session.

Let’s get together in some of the most breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes of Corfu. We will give you a great opportunity to get you more interested in your photography vision. We provide these Photography Tours almost daily upon availability. Visit each of the following Photo Tour pages for more details about our Tours. Corfu Photography Tours are private, 4 or 5 hour, up to 4 persons and you will never regret.

  1. Panorama Corfu Photography Tour by car

The benefit of this tour is to discover Corfu Island and at the same time to improve your photo skills. Corfu Island Photography Tour is your opportunity! Together with your teacher and guide Vangelis Koulouris you will enjoy the endless natural beauties of Corfu Island with its landscapes and golden sandy beaches. We will advise you on how to capture postcard – like pictures and improve your observation by learning new techniques and tips ! You will be able to take brilliant pictures in a personalized way. Corfu Island has to offer unique and majestic photographs. We are providing Corfu Island Photo shoots knowledge while visiting some of the island’s most picturesque and historical locations, your photographer will recommend you. Vangelis will assist you and share his skills, know- how and tricks about photography with you while sharing interesting stories about the sights and locations you visit. In this way you will come in touch with the island’s residents , culture and history. It is an easy to make tour without the need of long walking because all the places that we will visit are accessible by car. We will visit a lot of graphic villages, bisantic castles and mountains with panoramic view to Palaikastritsa. It is suitable for all ages and a great choice for creative families having children too. You will also have the opportunity to capture and taste some traditional appetizers of greek lifestyle like fresh vegetables, feta cheese, olive oil and homemade wine that will be offered by local producers for free. So, join us on this one-of-a kind Photo Tour of Corfu Island and you will enjoy it. Tour duration: 4 hours/ Private (up to 4 persons)

  1. Corfu Walking Photography Tour

This is a walking city tour that includes a photography workshop for all levels, from beginners to pro photographers helping you to get the best shot at the best photographic locations in Corfu Old Town. Discover the hidden treasures of the Old City with “Corfu Walking Photography Tour” by walking the narrow long paths, colorful and charming alleys, admiring the unique architecture seemingly influenced by the Venetians, French and British. You will discover the city in a whole new way and you will learn practical tips that you can use straight away. It is an opportunity to develop your photography vision and see the city at the same time. Vangelis Koulouris, your photography teacher and guide, who is specialized on street photography, is going to show you how to catch the city’s beautiful spots. He will teach you how to expose, compose and fine tune the camera settings for best results. We will walk through urban areas and catch the pulse of the city. You will also visit the magnificent castles that surround the town center. We promise you a very inspiring tour and workshop based on your choice. We will point out details invisible to the untrained eye, reveal the best points on the route of your interest and identify photo opportunities for creative shots. Local delicasies will also be offered for free. Tour duration: 4 hours/ Private (up to 4 persons)

  1. Corfu I-Phone – Smatrphone Photograpgy Tour

Level up your I-Phone photography dexterity on an inspiring photo walk or car ride. We will show you how to create stunning shots and we will share with you our best photography and editing tips. “Corfu I Phone Photography Tour” aims at providing the tools for travellers to learn how to capture amazing photographs during their travel with their phone. While phones may not have all the fancy lenses and add-ons of a more complicated set-up, they are far more easy and are built to allow us editing and share our magic moments with the world almost immediately. Become part of this decade’s photography revolution and master the art of smart Photography with your teacher and guide Vangelis Koulouris. Our smart Phone Photography tour, brings Corfu and our love for mobile photography to life, providing you all the tools you need to take advantage of the power of your Phone camera, its apps and your own creativity. You will also learn how to make short videos for social media use. Fusing practical mobile technology and app advices with imaginative photography techniques, we’ll help you master this powerful image-making medium in a day of exploration and fun. Either you will choose to walk in Corfu Town or visit the countryside of the island with a private car, you will enjoy it to the maximum! Tour duration: 4 hours/Private (up to 4 persons)

  1. Adventure Corfu Photography Tour

During the Adventure Photography Tour will be revealed abandoned stone-made villages and impressive caves at the highlands on the north side of Corfu, breathtaking cliffs made out of clay with view over Andriatic sea from a glass balcony and isolated Byzantine monasteries. Discovering all this different kind of places you will have the opportunity to learn how to capture the magic of the nature always on the side of your photographer Vangelis Koulouris who will give you advises on the technical aspects as needed, but above all, about the environment of the shooting. Learn how to approach an adventurous subject while visiting fulfilling destinations. You will admire the sensational view and the striking desert landscapes under the simply amazing light. You can also have a look from above and take photos and videos of the stunning places using our Phantom 4 Pro drone, always under the guidance of your photographer who is also specialized on aerial photography and videography. Hop on and enjoy Corfu photography adventure!

*All tour tours include door to door pick up service.



Refund Policy

We offer 100% money back quarantee in case:

  • A client has booked a shore excursion with us and the ship doesn’t dock in Corfu.
  • The shore excursion or the city walking tour does not take place and is cancelled by us.
  • If a client cancels for any reason a tour, seven (7) days or more prior to the day of the tour.
  • In case of strike or extreme weather conditions or any other causes beyond the participants’ control.

In case that a participant wishes to cancel a booked tour:

  • Between 72 and 24 hours prior to the scheduled tour, the client will be charged 50% of the amount payable for the tour as penalty plus cancellation charges for means of transportation that may have been reserved for the tour.
  • Less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled tour or if customers do not show up at the meeting point, 100% of the amount payable shall be withheld as compensation.
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Statue of Schulenburg
(in front of the old fortress in Corfu Town)
10 am
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