Most Popular Tours
Corfu Food & Cultural Tour

The perfect combination of Corfu’s History and its unique cuisine, experienced through a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas in some of the city’s most well hidden and best eating spots.

Corfu Food Tour

The Corfu Food tour is the best way to discover the “Taste of Corfu” and get to know the best-kept secret spots where all the locals go to enjoy the cuisine of their beloved island.

Corfu Historical Walking Tour
Corfu Town Historical Tour

To take a walk through Corfu Town, is to take a walk through history. Great empires and civilisations have passed from here leaving their stamp, and influencing the soul of Corfu. It’s all there for you to discover and find out more about.

Memorable Half Day Island Tour by coach

Imagine you had four hours to spare in in one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Where to go, what to do? Difficult questions but we have an easy answer to offer!

Durrell's Private Tour in Corfu Town

Relive the scenes of your favorite “The Durrells” episode by retracing the steps made by the film crew, as they shot scene after wonderful scene in and around the sights, narrow streets and hidden corners of the City of Corfu.

Durrell Island Private Tour by coach

Retrace the steps taken by the young Gerald Durrel, his brother Lawrence, and their family, when they first came to Corfu, and learn about the places and people that formed the experiences they used to create their wonderful books.


Easter Celebration‏


We are not exaggerating when we say that if you are an Easter traveler then you ABSOLUTELY MUST visit Corfu for Easter at least once in your lifetime.

No one celebrates Easter like the Greek Corfiots!

In just 22 days we shall be celebrating the Greek Orthodox Easter! The island of Corfu is internationally known for holding the most spectacular celebration in all of Greece!!!
Preparations have begun and Corfu marching bands are getting ready for the big event!

Corfu Town is the place to be to enjoy Easter! It doesn’t matter if you are observing the holiday or just site seeing…Corfu Town will be an Easter celebration that you will never forget!