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Corfu Food & Cultural Tour

The perfect combination of Corfu’s History and its unique cuisine, experienced through a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas in some of the city’s most well hidden and best eating spots.

Corfu Historical Walking Tour
Corfu Town Historical Tour

To take a walk through Corfu Town, is to take a walk through history. Great empires and civilisations have passed from here leaving their stamp, and influencing the soul of Corfu. It’s all there for you to discover and find out more about.

Memorable Half Day Island Tour by coach

Imagine you had four hours to spare in in one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Where to go, what to do? Difficult questions but we have an easy answer to offer!

Durrell's Private Tour in Corfu Town

Relive the scenes of your favorite “The Durrells” episode by retracing the steps made by the film crew, as they shot scene after wonderful scene in and around the sights, narrow streets and hidden corners of the City of Corfu.

Durrell Island Private Tour by coach

Retrace the steps taken by the young Gerald Durrel, his brother Lawrence, and their family, when they first came to Corfu, and learn about the places and people that formed the experiences they used to create their wonderful books.



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The Durrell’s in Corfu

Relive the scenes of your favorite “The Durrells” episode by retracing the steps made by the film crew, as they shot scene after wonderful scene in and around the sights, narrow streets and hidden corners of the City of...

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Tsiknopempti or ” Smoke Thursday”

Tsiknopempti or ” Smoke Thursday” is the Thursday during Carnival with Ancient Greek origin, it takes place only in Greece and marks the beginning of the Greek Orthodox fasting period before Easter (lent). This day the observant Greek Orthodox...

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The Evil Eye or “Mati”

The concept of the evil eye is widespread in Mediterranean countries, with it’s roots in Ancient Greece. The idea is that the gaze of someone who harbors feelings of envy or jealousy can bring misfortune upon the one who...

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What we celebrate on March 25th?

Every year on March 25th Greeks celebrate a double holiday! The “Greek Revolution” where the Greeks celebrate the beginning of the war of independence against the Ottoman Turks. There is a student parade in every corner of the country,...

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Kathari Deftera

“Kathari Deftera,” Clean Monday in Greek, is considered to be one of the most important feasts all over Greece, each year commencing the 40-day period of the Great Lent for the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church, which is called “Sarakosti.”...

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Corfiot Carnival

Carnival in Corfu is special for many reasons one of which is the Venetian influence on the old town as you can see from the costumes on display!!!

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Happy 1st March!

The 1st of March is the beginning of Spring in Greece, which means warmer days and a burning sun. The tradition wants that mothers braid bracelets for their children. These bracelets are called “martaki”or “the little March”. They are...

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Why In Greece People Paint Their Tree Trunks White??

Many visitors in Greece might have seen the white paint around the tree trunks. In the past when people didn’t have all these agricultural concoctions to protect the trees from insects and bugs, they used a mix of slaked...

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Greek breakfast

There’s nothing better to start your day eating a delicious “bougatsa” (custard pie) and “tyropitta” (cheese pie) and drinking a Frappe (ice coffee)!!!

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Greece’s Carnival season

Known as «Apokries,» is a period which traditionally begins ten weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter and culminates on the weekend before «Clean Monday,» the first day of Lent, which is on March 14th this year. The last weekend, on...

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Greek Coffee in “Hovoli “

The Greek Coffee made in “Hovoli” is to add water, sugar and Greek coffee into the brass “briki” and then place it on “Hovoli” to boil. Hovoli is a special equipment with hot sand that mimics hot ashes and...

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Kum Quat

The name Kum Quat means “golden tangerine” in Cantonese. It appears in China in the 12th century and it was introduced in Europe in 1846. equipoise pills price in usa In Greece kumquat has been cultivated only in Corfu...

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Greek Lemons

There is nothing fresher smelling or tasting than a ripe lemon from your own lemon tree. Most of the families in Corfu they plant their own lemon tree in their yards. Now is exactly the season where trees are...

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Greek Vasilopita

The Greek Vasilopita, which can be translated as Basil Pie or King’s Pie, is a traditional seasonal sweet bread that contains a hidden coin. On New Year’s Day, after a traditional big Greek holiday meal families cut the Vasilopita...

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Happy New Year

Corfu Walking Tours would like to wish you and your loved ones beautiful moments, treasured memories and heartfelt blessings in the New Year! Happy 2016!

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May in Corfu!!!!

We thank Mr.Volker for the nice article he wrote about Corfu island and Corfu Walking Tours. We hope to see you again and join the wine tour as well!!!

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Wine tasting

We are thrilled to announce that our wine tasting tour has been met with much enthusiasm and has been a great success! All of our clients have enjoyed it that much so that we have had repeat bookings. Our...

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Corfiot laundry‏

The buildings in Corfu’s Old Town were built in such a way that there are no balconies and as such housewives don’t have a place for their laundry. So even today while you are exploring and wandering though the...

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Easter Celebration‏

We are not exaggerating when we say that if you are an Easter traveler then you ABSOLUTELY MUST visit Corfu for Easter at least once in your lifetime. No one celebrates Easter like the Greek Corfiots! In just 22...

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Spring is in the air

Now that the warm weather and sunny days are finally upon us we would like to recommend that you spend an adventure filled day with your family and friends at “Mon Repos”, a spectacular Villa and Estate that is...

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April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day goes back as far as the Middle Ages. Although the exact meaning behind April Fool’s Day has been lost over time, the general belief is that is has to do with the shifting of the New...

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Blog today’s‏

Every year on March 25th Greeks celebrate a double holiday! The “Greek revolution” where the Greeks celebrate the war of independence against the Ottoman Turks and students parade at every corner of the country. The second is that Greek...

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Preparations for the spectacular corfiot Easter

In just 22 days we shall be celebrating the Greek Orthodox Easter! The island of Corfu is internationally known for holding the most spectacular celebration in all of Greece!!! Preparations have been gone and Corfu marching bands are getting...

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Happy new year

Hello to all our new friends!!! We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Tourism and Travel Service Company, Corfu Walking Tours, established January 1, 2015!!! We would also like to introduce you all to our...